GO Church Planting

GO Church Planting empowers local leaders to begin new churches that redeem people, renew communities, and restore creation through discipleship, mission, and the multiplication of leaders.


GO Church Planting is a global network of local leaders who are developing disciple-makers. We have found that if you make disciples, the church naturally emerges from this holistic approach of disciple-making.


GO Church Planting partners with local pastors and church leaders to make disciples through mentoring, mission, and multiplication. Supporting these local leaders is the catalyst for a global disciple-making movement.

Help Make Disciples:

Similar to local churches around the world, our GO churches also have a variety of outlets for ministry. Here are a few examples of how your support will be used by GO Church Planting to make disciples:

Mentor (One to One & Small Group)

  • Bible Studies
  • Rooted Groups
  • Next Generation Ministry

Mission (One Local Church to One Community)

  • Clean Water Projects
  • Community Involvement
  • Nutrition Centers

Multiplication (One Global Church to One World)

  • Residency
  • Seminary
  • Launching of New Global Networks

How your GO Church Planting sponsorship makes a difference:

When you sponsor a disciple through GO Church Planting, you’re contributing to the whole process of disciple-making. We believe that making disciples has a threefold impact through mentorship, mission, and multiplication.

Personal impact: Mentorship
You’re supporting one-on-one relationships that help disciples grow in their personal relationships with Jesus.

Local Impact: Mission
You’re supporting the local church as it meets needs and loves its community.

Global Impact: Multiplication
You’re supporting a global movement of disciple-makers who want to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations.

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Here are some example communities you support goes towards:

Brisas de Ocampo

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Hato Del Yaque

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Hoyo de Bartola

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Los Cocos

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Los Guineos

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Rafey Men's Prison

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Rafey Women's Prisons

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GO Ministries partners with local pastors across the island who desire to redeem people, renew their communities and restore creation.


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